Crazy dog stuff (Acupuncture and TPLO)

Even with a little metal in his leg, he will still be a better runner than me.

Well, sweet Wyatt went in for his surgery this morning at 7am.  He was scheduled for his TPLO  (Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy) at 10:30am with Dr. Maxwell.  Some history behind what happened to Wyatt that caused this surgery.  Most people who know Wyatt (yep, he has a strong personality and probably likes people more than he does other dogs) know that he is a very active dog.  Wyatt’s claim to fame was running two laps at Herb Parsons Lake with Adam and I this past Spring (approximately 16 miles).  The dog has more endurance and athletic ability than I have ever had.  I adopted him from a family who claimed he had too much energy for them.  My quick solution to that was making sure he got to doggy daycare and also got plenty of activity.  He has turned into a wonderful dog that is almost codependent now on going for a run.

Last Wednesday (August 24), I was flying back from a few days working in Dallas.  Adam graciously looked after my boys (Wyatt and Killian) for the few days I was gone.  That evening before Adam picked me up from the airport is when the accident happened.  Wyatt was looking at Adam with his silly grin waiting for a frisbee.  This pic shows the smile I am talking about although this was taken at his first Redbirds’ game.  Where Wyatt went wrong is he was facing Adam and when Adam threw the frisbee Wyatt turned quickly to get it and snapped one of his cruciate ligaments as well as a partial tear of his meniscus.  I was not there, but Adam said Wyatt yelped for 10 seconds straight.  Not a yelp…but a consistent yelp.  When Adam picked me up from the airport, he let me know once we got home what had happened.  It wasn’t an emergency situation but I guess if I do have any sort of motherly instinct….it had kicked in…and this instinct said ACL.  I just knew it was something bad.  The first thing I did was email a running friend who is also a great vet (Angie) and ask her what to do….questions such as do I take him to the vet tomorrow?  do I wait and see if he stops limping???? what do I do?  Here first suggestion was to get him into the vet immediately the next day.

The next morning, we were able to go in to see our vet (Germantown Veterinary Hospital) and it was diagnosed as what I had thought (as well as what Angie thought) as a cruciate rupture and potential meniscus tear.

Keep in mind, the only surgery I have ever had other than stitches was my wisdom teeth.  Even Killian with his surgeries, I never had to make a decision.  They were always emergencies for the most part as in…do it now…no time to evaluate “options”.  I was now faced with two options.  There is one surgery where in layman’s terms they basically use a type of nylon to create a new ligament (think like using fishing line).  Angie advised me that this could re-rupture.  Especially in a dog that is greater than 60lbs.  Plus to this surgery, it was only about $1400…Cons…he might re-rupture again.  The other option was the TPLO.  TPLO is at least $2,900 (not including pain meds for rehab, consultation fees etc) but has a 90% success rate!  After leaving Wyatt’s regular vet with their recommendation for TPLO (if money was not an object) and Angie’s recommendation for TPLO…I called Memphis Veterinary Specialists (MVS).  We were able to get in for a consultation the following Monday (this week).

Our consultation went great.  I was so impressed with MVS and their brand new facility and ability to provide services for our companion animals in need.  I had been told that it was known as “the Mayo Clinic” in Memphis..haha.  I can see where that nickname came from.  


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