Crazy dog stuff (Acupuncture and TPLO)

Runners and dog parkers….like peas in a pod.

Wyatt’s surgery was on Friday (September 2) at 10:30.  I got a call from Dr. Maxwell around 12:30 and he shared that Wyatt had done really well.  No complications at all with the surgery.  Once Wyatt had surgery, he would go to radiology for post-op xrays and then to ICU until he would come out anesthesia.  He asked me to check back in around 4-5pm that day to see how Wyatt was doing.  I called back around 4:30 and spoke with the tech who was working in the ICU and he said that Wyatt was still doing great and resting.  The clinic leaves you the option to come by the day after surgery (Saturday) and visit but I decided that I thought it would be best if I didn’t disturb Wyatt’s rest.  I didn’t think it would be a good idea to show up and get him excited and then leave again.  The tech confirmed that was a good idea and said that many owners did not understand that (I need to thank our friend Tammy for reminding me that I have to be calm to keep Wyatt calm…therefore, no doggy stroller is allowed for Wyatt…hahaha).

Dr. Maxwell called me again on Saturday and said that Wyatt had a great night at MVS.  He actually ate some breakfast and was able to potty a bit.  This was all a good sign as it can take days for them to get back on a regular schedule after surgery.  Adam and I spent Saturday taking the other two dogs (Killian and Buck) to the dog park.  Killian is my collie/greyhound mix that is 12 years old and that is his pic on the home page of this blog.  We then went to the Memphis Farmers Market downtown and the Memphis Music and Heritage Festival off Main St. for a few hours.  Figured I would get any fun stuff out of the way on Saturday knowing I would be pretty much homebound on Sunday and Monday with Wyatt.  When we got back from our events….there was a big surprise on the doorstep.  A huge balloon and gift bag from one of Wyatt’s running buddies (Autumn Hopper).  Autumn also goes to the same doggy daycare as Wyatt and they met through our group at Breakaway Running (well, I met Adam and eventually Brad and Rachel (Autumn’s parents) through that group). Autumn even personally signed Wyatt’s card and picked out some really tasty treats for him and his brothers to enjoy.  That was the highlight of the day on Saturday and we really appreciated the special surprise!

Wyatt’s discharge time from the clinic was Sunday (today) at 8:30am.  So today involved Adam taking Killian and Buck to the dog park while I got Wyatt’s crate and quite area set up.  I still had his big crate from when he was a puppy.  Adam had been borrowing this for Buck but luckily we had bought Buck another crate for my house so we had two dog crates.  I took the advice of a friend from the dog park (Amy).  Her dog tore up both knees at the dog park and had to have 2 TPLO surgeries so Amy is an expert on rehab and what to do.  She was very clear with me that 90% of Wyatt’s recovery was based on me following the instructions to the T.  She also suggested that I make him a mat for his crate out of the foam you use for your mattress top.  I had one on my spare bed in the front guest room so I took the foam cover and folded it in half and cut the piece that was too large off (width ways) and it fit perfectly in his crate.  It was a twin size.  I then put an old fleece blanket on top of it and a towel on top of the blanket.  The towel and blanket where from the dog pile (those old blankets and towels that become the dogs’ stuff once you have to use them for the dogs).  My house has a split floor plan and a very retro 70’s style set up that includes two sets of sliding glass doors.  One set is off the living room and one set is off the master bedroom.  My living room, dining etc. have laminate wood floors that are quite slippery.  I decided to set Wyatt’s crate up in my bedroom right beside the other set of glass doors so he is close to the backyard.  The next 6 wks, we have to keep him crated and on restricted activity so he can only go outside to potty.  This will mean he can take minimal steps to get there and come in/out on the carpet vs. slippery floor.  For the first two weeks at least, we also have to use a sling under his hindquarters and keep him on a leash when he is going to potty.

When we picked Wyatt up this morning, the surgery tech went through all of Wyatt’s rehab schedule and an overview of his surgery.  We got some really GOOD news.  They gave me a two page letter that detailed everything.  This is directly from the letter:

  • We repaired Wyatt’s right sided cranial cruciate tear.  A special cut was made in the upper portion of the ‘shin bone’ (tibia), and the top was precisely realigned (medical term:  tibial plateau leveling osteotomy).  This realignment was designed to change the forces going through the knee joint to improve stability when Wyatt is using his leg.  Since the bone is actually cut, a plate and screws have been used to hold things in place while the bones heal.  HERE IS THE GOOD NEWS:  Fortunately, part of the joint cartilage (medial meniscus), which acts as a shock absorber, was not injured.  Fortunately, there was minimal evidence of degenerative joint disease or arthritis at this time.
With that being said, it is possible that Wyatt’s injury was truly a freak accident but only time will tell. I told him that he needed to wait until at least after I file my tax return if he decides to do his other knee in 🙂  I am going to end this post with a pic (totally not posed) of Killian at Wyatt’s crate.

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