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Wyatt Scissorhands

I suppose it would have been good to place a bet on how long it would take me to incorporate my lack of running into this blog.  Today was just a rough day so it will be coming up later.

Yesterday went pretty good.  Wyatt has been placing weight on his leg and everything has been going well.  He is eating fine and getting plenty of attention.  I even spoke with our friend Angie again about some questions I had (yep, I become a little compulsive about things that seem strange as Wyatt is getting better – so happens this one was about something similar to diaper rash).

This morning was the day that I had to take his pain patch off his chest.  You can see it in this pic of him sitting in the yard.  I guess I didn’t realize how sticky it was.  Even though his chest is shaved, it pulled every little piece of fur out of the spot where it was stuck! The patch delivered a continuous pain med into Wyatt since the day of his surgery (09/02).  As of today, he is now on 100mg of Rimadyl 2x day for about two more weeks.  I am feeding him his normal food but I reduced the amount of dry food slightly and added more of the canned food (all Fromm foods) to encourage him to eat a bit more.   Adam swears that Fromm canned food looks like cheap taco meat…but it’s $3.29/can and has beans, carrots, potato and shredded chicken in it.  Looks pretty tasty to me!  Plus, it makes it easier to bury Wyatt’s medicine in his food.  Not sure what changed about today, but Wyatt had his first day in the crate while I went to work.

I still come home for lunch but this was his first day and I guess that made him a little uneasy since I came home to this. Let’s do a flashback to the before pic of what his bed looked like.

Remember I had put the memory foam and covered it with a fleece blanket and a beach towel.  Not sure what happened today other than he must have got frustrated with being crated.  There was a small rawhide in there with him that he may have been digging for…but I don’t suspect that was the reason why the entire bed was destroyed.  Several friends have suggested I get him one of those toys that is like a brain teaser.  Something like this:

Or even a kong (but freeze the kong with the stuffing…so it takes hours for them to finish it).

So back to running, I am scheduled for my second PT appointment tomorrow.  I have a strained gastrocnemius in my right leg.  My last long run was two weeks ago (17 mile run) and last week I only ran twice at 4 miles each.  I should be aiming for a 20 mile run this week if I had stayed on schedule but PT had asked me to take off running for another week.  I guess I am so used to using my running as a stress relief and it is so hard when I can’t do it.  It gives me a chance to think things through, not to mention I don’t gain weight when I eat my favorite foods.  Now, I feel like the days sometimes become a struggle to survive (between work, the dog and other family stuff).  My Mom made it through her surgery well today.  It was outpatient surgery, but still scary.  I will end today’s post with my new piece of folk art that we got at the Memphis Music and Heritage Festival….Just remember that house is literal and figurative 🙂


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