Crazy dog stuff (Acupuncture and TPLO)

Breakin’ the law

It’s possible I broke the rules today.  So what does breaking the rules mean?  I have an inherent fear of the police and sometimes of getting fired from my job…but the rules I am talking about are the rules for Wyatt’s rehab.  One of those rules includes keeping him on a leash anytime he is outside of his crate which should only be when he needs to go potty.  I have to confess, the past 3 days – I come home at lunch and sit on the bench in the backyard and let Wyatt just sit there for about 10 minutes and chew a rawhide.  Totally not in the “rule book”…but he is not jumping, playing or running…he is just sitting there and soaking up a little Vitamin D.  I am no medical expert, but I think it is doing him some good 🙂


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