Crazy dog stuff (Acupuncture and TPLO)

What seems so stressful has now become a blessing.

Today is 2 weeks since Wyatt’s surgery date.  Things are going well.  Today he was scheduled for a follow up visit for “suture removal”.  Well, last weekend, I removed the bandage on his knee and never saw any sutures.  I chocked it up to me being exhausted.  Earlier this week, I got down on my hands and knees and checked again….no sutures.  Now, I was surprised because Wyatt had never messed with his leg during this entire process so I was completely baffled as to where these sutures were.  Here I go again texting my friend Angie to ask.  She suggested I call the vet and check.  The next day, the lead over surgery called me to confirm there were never any external sutures (just internal sutures)…PHEW!  So all was good and the incision looks great.  Wyatt got a great update today.  Needless to say, I had to pick his 75lb body up 4x today (In/Out the car twice to get to his appointment) and it was HARD.

On the running front, I am about two weeks completely OFF running.  I should have been at my 20 mile run this weekend to prepare for the Marine Corp Marathon.  I have been going to physical therapy for my gastrocnemius strain for the past 3 weeks.  It is doing better.  I finally got out my new bike for a spin this past Monday and Adam graciously rode with me.  It was so much fun.  We rode about 10 miles through my neighborhood and the Greenway.  I got my first flat 🙂  of course, it was when you have that moment of thought “hmmmm…that sidewalk looks sketchy” and then I heard a pssssstt……as the tire flattened.  I learned how to change my tube out that day.  On Tuesday, I rode by myself and did 11 miles.  I am building up my confidence on the bike one day at a time and I am learning to love it.  Adam rode with me again on Wednesday and we did around 13 miles.  Today, I went back in for PT and they did the usual stretches/exercies, plus 20 min on elliptical and then some massage of my calf.  The PT told me I should not run the marathon on Oct 30th.  I responded by asking him, “what is the next step from a strain??? Does my muscle just tear???”…basically, I want to know how painful this can get…as I have not given up.

On the work front – wish me good luck, this weekend is my first corporate load for the project I am managing in my new position.  It’s not a big one, but it’s my first and I will be on call from Saturday night through Sunday lunch time.  I am looking forward to prepping myself for the year ahead with my job.

I try to go through these recent battles and learn something since I know that God never gives me anything I can’t handle.  Today I was lucky to get to volunteer with our team from work at Project Homeless Connect.  It was an event for the homeless in Memphis (housing counseling, legal counseling, medical checks, food, clothing donations, barbershop etc).  It was very impactful.   I know I am often a softy and somewhat on the extremes of emotion but I teared up as I walked into the Pipkin Building at the old Liberty Land.  There were so many people there.  The mayor estimated that 800 homeless were served today.  A couple things that really touched me were meeting a man who said he was a Vietnam Veteran (multiple tours) and he was completely homeless.  I also met a man at the very end that came in to have an ID made.  He said his grandma told him about the event and that he needed to get up there and have an ID made.  He had a great attitude and was not looking for any handouts, just an ID.  I walked him over to the City volunteers that were helping and a young guy in the group said “No, we are shutting down”…I asked him to please help us as all the gentleman wanted was an ID made (he didn’t want any food, donated clothes or anything).  We got him set up and I helped him fill out the application.  Upon filling out the application, I discovered this man was slightly younger than my Mom.  It really broke my heart as he probably could have been a grandparent to me had I not known any better.  The wear and tear of life had really taken a toll on him physically.  It really helps you put things into perspective.  I feel so grateful that I can go to therapy for my injury and that I could get the credit to take care of Wyatt’s injury.  What seems so stressful has now become a blessing.


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