Always consult your physician before you begin or modify any exercise program

This past Saturday (10/01/11) was Wyatt’s start of his 5th week post TPLO surgery.  Things are going very well.  We are scheduled to go in two weeks for his follow up xrays.  I went out of town on Friday night, so all three boys were boarded (Killian, Wyatt and Buck).  Since they were staying at the vet, I asked if they could just look at Wyatt’s leg while he was there since really he had not been anywhere in the past 2 weeks for any type of check up (not recommended).  Perhaps it was for my own piece of mind as this is what Wyatt did about a week ago in his crate with his kong.  You can understand how my creative mind would get going as I envision a metal plate and some screws in his leg.  I actually think (unless I am going crazy) that I can feel the screws in his leg especially since the fur is still pretty shaved and they are essentially in his bone and there is not much muscle if any over the area where the surgery was.

Since my last update, Wyatt’s surgery bill came in.  Now that was exciting.  I have 6 months to pay it off.  I think at first the stress of everything just had me focused on getting through his surgery and well into rehab and I had not thought about having to pay $600/mo on a surgery bill 🙂  Well, after about a week of fiddling around with my budget, I found some major areas to cut back.  I reduced my cable bill by $30/month for the next 6 months (and got the same services, woohoo!!!), I cancelled my gym membership (since I basically run and ride my bike), I reduced my home warranty, changed my home insurance deductible and cut out a few other things.  This amounted to some significant monthly cost savings.  I also sold some things for the first time on eBay…WOW, now that was easy and fun and really helped out.  Here was Wyatt’s reaction when I told him we are now officially “Ballers on a Budget”.  He does not seem too worried.

And this is what the Garmin training center pops up every time I connect my Garmin to upload any biking or running….and I am not too worried.


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