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Atomic/Bionic Dog under house arrest at the Isle of Wyatt

Wyatt had his 6 week follow up xrays this past Friday.  We had to go into Memphis Veterinary Specialists around 8am since they have to give a slight sedation to perform the xrays.   The clinic is state of the art and they have flat screens that they pull up the xrays on to show you (these pics aren’t great but they are phone shots of both xrays).I scheduled an appointment at noon so I could talk to Dr. Maxwell and make sure that I understood the next steps in Wyatt’s Rehab.  I was nervous as I was not sure how his past 6 weeks would show when viewing his xrays.  We had a couple scares that included him jumping up a few times when the neighbor’s kids came to the fence (although I had him on his leash) and one time where I was not the most attentive parent.  I am still ashamed to admit what I did….

When we met with Dr. Maxwell, he showed me the above two xrays of Wyatt’s right leg and told me that Wyatt looked GREAT!  He said that he could see that Wyatt had some activity the past 6 weeks as you could see the calcification in the bone on the xrays.  (calcification is usually a bright white on xrays).  I admitted that we had a few bumps in the journey and that the past week, I had allowed him to sleep on his dog bed in my bedroom at night.  He said that most owners break the rules a bit but don’t fess up.  He also said that was why the first two weeks were so critical (and you come in for that follow up check up 10-14 days after the surgery).

Wyatt (aka Atomic/Bionic Dog) was cleared to be under house confinement for the next 6 weeks.  What that means is that he can be loose in the house and does not have to stay in his crate.  The first night (Fri) and day Saturday of this….he really did not know what to do with himself.  I was warned by his vet that he would feel exhausted as he would be getting a bit more exercise than usual.  He was out like a light early Saturday afternoon.

I have laminate wood floors in my house and even before his surgery, Wyatt was very skiddish of these floors so this past weekend I went to Target and bought an 8×10 shag rug for the living room.  We have nicknamed this the Isle of Wyatt as he is very happy on this space since he has great traction.  Needless to say, all 3 dogs love the new rug so it was a good investment.  It is quite a sight to see Wyatt tip toe off the rug…to the rug in the dining room and then jaunt across the slate floor in the hallway to my bedroom.  With a bit of intrepidation but successful nevertheless.

He has house arrest with leashed potty breaks outside but 6 weeks from now, he can begin leashed walks (short for 10-15 min) and 10 weeks from now….he should be released fully.  Released fully means he should be back to the normal/active dog he has always been which includes being able to run again and play.

Some other exciting events from the weekend.  Adam and Buck did the Fast and the Furriest 5K for the Humane Society of Memphis and Shelby County.  This was a fun race.  I have to tell the story of the beginning.  There were probably 500 people and at least 100 dogs doing the race.  Leading up to the race I kept joking with Adam and Buck about their competition.  We walked up on a guy with a young lab/hound mix and started talking and I asked him “how do you think he will do”?  The owner said “I don’t know, he’s only run about 1.5 miles before”.  I noticed the dog had the same collar as Buck and we both joked about that also the prong collar that Buck was wearing (actually Wyatt’s collar, affectionately known as the “Business Collar”…think about Flight of the Conchords…”it’s business….it’s business time”.  Adam ended up running with this other runner and his dog the entire race!  They won 2nd dog overall (just 2 seconds behind the 1st dog) and Buck got a handpainted dog dish with the race name and date on it as his prize.  Knowing that Wyatt had run the Batesville Humane Society 5K with Adam in early Spring of this year, we had to keep it a secret when we left the house on Saturday morning.  Wyatt saw the “business collar” and knew that some fun was going to be had.  That leads to him whining and waiting at the back door.  To make matters worse, we went out to Herb Parsons later that day to cheer on some Journeymen doing 6 hours of Herbs (mountain bike race)…and Herbs is one of Wyatt’s favorite places to trail run.

My leg is feeling a bit better but still not 100%.  I am doing that mindless searching on the internet and seriously think I may have got another stress fracture along with my muscle strain as the pain is now on the inside of my leg along my tibia.  I feel it in the muscles along the bone but more pronounced when I press the bone.  I am at my wits’ end as an xray won’t show the onset of the stress fracture (learned that with last year’s calcaneal  SF)…but it will show the healing once the bone calcifies (much like Wyatt’s xray did)!  I took almost 2 months off running…so my plan is to keep taking it easy on the running front and see what happens closer to the St. Jude Marathon.

Adam and I got out on the bikes today and I am gaining more confidence and finding it almost pain free.  I discovered a loop from the house that goes down Wolf River/Humphreys and heads out to Forest Hill Irene and comes back up a mega hill and then one fast down hill.  Today we got up to over 30 mph coming down the wicked fast down hill!  It felt great.

It was my longest ride today of 47 miles.  The original goal was for a 50 miler, but true to fashion….I got a flat at 47 miles and it was near the house.  I decided just to walk the bike home.  Our journey today consisted of two loops of the mega hill out in East Germantown (which is a quad burner) and then coming down Humphreys to the Wolf River Bridge and up into Shelby Farms.  We hit the Green Line and go down to the end to Tillman and pop off for a coffee break at Republic Coffee.  Today I tried the Girl Scout Thin Mint Mocha (something like that).  It was green!  and…it was freakin’ awesome and tasty!  I felt like I had a good coffee buzz drinking that after our 28 miles or so in.  We took the Greenline back to Shelby Farms and then rode around Patriot Lake twice and then rode home.


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