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Diet…the word strikes pangs of fear and depression in many.  It scares me as much as watching that new show American Horror Story.  So last week, thankfully on a Friday, I got weighed by my doctor.  Let’s just say that 2 months off running and perhaps a bit more food consumption due to the stress of everything…well…I was in denial and what I had projected as weight gain was actually doubled.   I also noticed the word diet could stand for several words that have impacted me lately.

D = Dogs…needing surgery which reduced….

I = Income….which has caused stress…so I am…

E = Eating….more….and more….while going through…

T = Therapy (Physical)…..which means I can’t exercise as much as I am used to.

Impact is not a bad thing, I view it as a chance to respond and improve this shot at life that I have.   I know several of my friends are aware that a close family member of mine is battling a horrible form of cancer right now.  Often, I get in moments of despair regarding DIET…and then I think of my family and the struggles.  It helps me level set what is important.

So back to DIET.  I thought I should start breaking down my posts into some sort of organized fashion vs. all this rambling that I have been sharing.  I am not sure who really cares about what I have to share, but I thought I would start with I.  Income is a spot that I have learned a lot about lately.  I always knew I should make wiser decisions but have considered myself a trial by fire learner…so here is one of the learnings I have had regarding income…and how to have MORE of it.

I watch CNN Headline News in the morning and one of the first places I cut back…when I had to cut back was on my home warranty and homeowners’ insurance.  I was paying ~$60/month for great warranty coverage, that I very rarely used.

You will notice some tips from Clark on setting up a savings account vs. paying $60×12 months + the visit cost for a contractor for home warranty.  I called the home warranty and reduced my payment to $15/month (just to cover major things, like my furnace, AC).  They also gave me a certificate for a free visit the next time I have a service call.  One service call = $60.   So now the payment is $15×12 months plus if I need to call them – the first time is free.   My ultimate goal is to discontinue the warranty.

For my homeowner’s insurance, I had the premium coverage.  My deductible was super low and the premium was pretty high.  I called my insurance agent and raised my deductible which lowered the cost.  Most of you know I am a nervous nellie when it comes to insurance and making sure you have plenty of coverage (or worrying in general about disaster) but the premise behind home insurance is you should really never have to use it unless you have a major disaster (so hopefully one time or never).  You are not supposed to make a claim for something small but for something major like a fire or tornado or something along those lines causing major damage to your home.  My insurance co was very happy to work with me and ultimately it reduced my yearly premium by $200.  I was happy to get that check from the insurance company.

I pasted Clark Howard’s page below, I highly recommend checking his site out or listening to him in the mornings.

Clark Howard has already saved me $200 + $45/month starting this past month!

I hope to post some updates about saving money and increasing income going forward.   Wait until you hear about the deals I got this past weekend 🙂  I am just getting started.


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