Crazy dog stuff (Acupuncture and TPLO)


Buck flexin’ with his new blanket.

Wyatt flexin’ with his new plaid blanket.

Killian doesn’t even have to flex – but he likes his new blanket.

Thought I should kick this post off with all 3 dogs shown flexin’ in their new fleece blankets (only $2.50/each at CVS)!  It’s their own version of a snuggie.  A couple of months back, Adam and I were driving and heard the song “Flexin” by Young Jeezy and I immediately thought about Wyatt.  Maybe it is because his personality can be a bit punkish sometimes.  A great example was the time he stepped up to an unaltered male doberman at Shelby Farms (and the dobie literally was terrified) and the owner tried to say that Wyatt actually harmed his dog?  In reality, Wyatt was just flexin’.  Not sure that he can back it up…but he sure doesn’t back down.  To shed some light on flexin’…here is one of the definitions from the urban dictionary:

Flexin is a word of many definitions….You can be flexin when your in a heavy work out….or when u have nice swagg…in that case my friend, are u flexin?

In Wyatt’s case, I think I will go with the last statement “when u have nice swagg”.  Nice swagg = some really nice hardware in his leg.

Wyatt went for his last set of xrays this past Wednesday (before Thanksgiving) and everything went very well.  His vet told me the bone was healing very well and that Wyatt could return to physical activity (just ramp him up accordingly).  Wyatt was able to go to the park for the first time since August on Thanksgiving!  It was so nice out and he really enjoyed it.  We probably should have let him have a rest day on Friday but I knew the weather was going to be nasty so we went to Shelby Farms.  I am convinced letting him swim after a huge tree branch in the lake was good hydrotherapy for him.  At least now when he flexes….he has something to back it up…not too many of his doggy friends have their bling actually in their leg!

Top xray is from this past Wednesday (12 wks post op) Bottom xray is from 6 wks post op.


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