A Comedy of Errors

I have to admit, the past month has felt like a comedy of errors.  I did google exactly what that meant and I would definitely say that wiki’s version of a farcical theatre sounds like the perfect description:

A slight variation of the “comedy of errors” discipline is farcical theatre, which revolves around humour caused by the foolish mistakes of unintelligent characters and the chaos that derives from it.

This is how the comedy of errors unfolded…..

Just over a month ago, Wyatt had a bad reaction to a bordatella vaccine.  His right hip (same leg as his surgery) swelled up

About a week after that, Adam had a bad wreck and caused a lot of damage to his truck……

Just over three weeks ago, the tree I have selectively avoided cutting down….fell down.

On top of all this, things have been terribly busy at work and home.  So busy, that I typed up this first part of the post on January 17 and had not got a chance to finish it yet 🙂  Oh, what a difference a couple of weeks make.

Again, I am reminded as Dave Ramsey often says that I am “better than I deserve”.  Around January 23 or so, I spoke with my Mom and she was discussing traveling to England to see my Aunt.  She shared with me the situation with my Aunt’s chemo and how things were not going as we had hoped.  Mom headed over to England not long after that and I head out this Friday to go visit.  My Aunt will be going into hospice very soon.  She did ask me to pick up some special yarn for her to bring over (she is working on little projects such as making a hot water bottle cover for a friend).  I guess these little projects help pass the time when you are in a lot of pain?

I still find myself with many sleepless nights here lately.  I have so many questions about the “right” way of living my life.  There is one thing I do know, all of these problems present themselves because God knows that you can and will handle them.  I am doing better than I deserve.  I hope to keep up my daily runs also while in England.  One of my favorite places to run is through the wheat fields near my Aunt’s house.  These are the fields that you see random poppies springing up here/there.  The River Chess also runs along the fields.  I expect many deep thoughts will be had along those runs.


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