A Little can make a BIG

My blog slackerness has crept up again.  Getting sick after the trip to England in February did not help.  Nothing tremendously exciting going on but I keep thinking “got to update the blog” if anything, for my own sanity 🙂

Adam and I ran the Rock and Roll New Orleans Half Marathon last weekend.  We made the weekend a family weekend also by driving down via Mobile and then Mom drove over with us and we all stayed at one of our favorite hotels in the heart of the French Quarter.  Lets just say this race was HUGE.  I have never done Rock n’Roll before but had heard about how it was a money making machine.  This one was fun because of the location but insane for many other reasons:


– Over 26 corrals.

– Expo was in the convention center along with a cheerleading expo at the same time (mania)

– None of the volunteers on race morning knew where anything was (i.e. gear check) and even instructions via the web site just said “Runners Village” or something ambiguous like that.

– Finish line area was a zoo…the arrows to certain things like gear check or shuttle were never really left or right or top/down…but kind of at 45 degree angles.  Made for a fun 1.5 mile walk after the race.

Not so insane:

– Weather was great.

– Course was FLAT.  We are talking PR material.  If this had been my first full marathon…I would have been so excited.

– Bibs were a fun color (bright green w/purple writing).  Medals were fun and looked like Mardi Gras beads with a dabloon.

– Snacks at end were yummy.

Here is the course map:


Our cool bibs…my first one that was not black/white or brown!

I would say overall, the weekend was pretty awesome.  We finished just shy of 2:16.  My second slowest half marathon 🙂  I failed to mention that through the bad cold I had in February, the coughing had led me to some sort of issue with  my back and ribs on my left side.  As we were driving over on Saturday, I coughed and literally felt a crunching feeling/sound in my ribs.  Not a good sign.  The pain was constant the entire weekend and every step I took on Sunday.  Reminds me of the Andrew Jackson half experience (my slowest half marathon ever).  It was pretty brutal.  No excuses though right?  We still finished the race…even though it was definitely not a fast one!

Adam and I in our corral….

And more importantly….at the finish…hahaha…yes, we did finish!  Even after that last hurricane at 10pm the night before and my nagging ribs.  For those that know me….I’m a talker/cheerer when I run.  I did not talk this entire race except for maybe 3-5 min to 2-3 people.  That is sooooo NOT me.  Talking = pain in my ribs if I did it…I was punished for sure! hahaha.

Finish area…

Now that the running stuff is out of the way.  I guess I have to get to the meat of my cathartic post.  I did watch the KONY 2012 video today.  Brought me back to a post recently about how I have changed since my Aunt was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer.  I honestly feel that sometimes all this running, working out, traveling, buying new things…well…it doesn’t make me feel whole.  There is something out there I am meant to do and I just haven’t hit the nail on the head yet.  What I do know, is that sitting in meetings for 8 hours/day is not accomplishing it for me.  At what point, do you realize that you work hard so you can do other things?  Or do you make your daily work/activities something that inspires and creates/facilitates change?  I will be 34 in June and I am starting to realize that time is getting shorter and shorter for me to make that big change.  I need some direction.  Open to any advice at this point.  The title of today’s post is from the KONY video.  A great example of how just a few people can make a BIG difference.  Maybe you will watch it and be inspired?  Here is the link to the video:

I have often been told how gullible I am, but I think deep down, I am an optimist and maybe that optimism has encouraged me to be gullible.


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