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Running, CrossFit, Paleo……

I keep meaning to get on the blog the past month or so and just have not dedicated the time.  So much going on with work, play, family etc that I just don’t feel like typing any more when I am out of the office 🙂

The weekend before Memorial Day weekend, we did the Racing for Paws 5K down in Batesville, MS again.  It is for the Batesville Humane Society.  Such a well run race in a small town that also has a festival during the same day.  Most importantly, they let you run with your dog.  Last year, Wyatt ran with Adam (this was pre-tearing up the ACL) and they finished in less than 21 minutes.  This year, Wyatt ran with his slower partner (me) and we did it in around 28 min.  We had so much fun.  The course is super flat, the race is chip timed and the people are really nice.  Wyatt ended up coming in as second dog overall and was a real champ about it.  Here is a pic of us at the start of the race:

And here is a pic of us getting close to the finish line (around 3 miles or so):

And yes, this pic makes me realize how bad my heel strike is (which I am now consciously working on improving).

This coming up weekend (June 3), I will be doing the 3rd annual Navy Nautical 10 Miler out  at the Millington Naval base here near Memphis.  I did this race the first year and it was right when I was getting into running.  It was the HOTTEST race and I don’t know how I finished.  My time was around 1:55 something (this race is ~11.6 miles).  A nautical mile is “The nautical mile (symbol MNM or nmi) is a unit of length that is about one minute of arc of latitude measured along anymeridian, or about one minute of arc of longitude at the equator. By international agreement it is exactly 1,852 metres(approximately 6,076 feet).” Source: Wikipedia

I did the race last year and completed it a bit faster around 1:50.  Last year, they started it a bit earlier so it was a bit cooler and more manageable.  I can honestly say, the Navy puts on a top notch race.  Superior water/gatorade stops, nice shirts, beautiful brass medals (anchors) and even ice cold towels at the finish.

Last year, when I ran it, it was a week or so after my Auntie Angie was diagnosed with cancer.  I remember as I was running it that I thought about her when I felt some pain or frustration…and it helped me push through.  Although I can’t say I am fully prepared for this year’s race, I want to run it in memory of her and will continue to do so as long as I am physically able and live near Memphis (each year).

It seems like there is a ton going on, but on the race front (running) those are the major updates.

I also got selected for the first time this year to be on the St. Jude Memphis Marathon Pace Team.  This will be my first time ever being a pacer for a marathon.  I am the new kid on the block so I will be in the last group (5:40).  Will be a long day but I look forward to doing this for not only a good cause but meeting new people and encouraging them to achieve their goals.  I feel so inspired being around people achieving something they have worked so hard for and find myself to thrive on helping motivate them to get there.  As I prepare for the Marine Corps Marathon in late October, that should get the miles under my belt that I need for St. Jude.  St. Jude will definitely be a fun run for me.

On a completely different note from running, I am at about 5 months of CrossFit now.  Started the fundamentals class in Jan and have been keeping at it.  It is completely changing my life.  I am still learning every day and developing benchmarks for my strength but I can’t believe the results so far.  I have met some great people through the process.

Back in February, our trainer (Ashley) told me that I needed to get the diet situated and I kept telling myself “not now, I don’t have time, I don’t wanna deal…blah blah”.  You know, the stuff you tell yourself when you are busy, tired, working lots of hours.  I am now about 5-6 days/wk Paleo and 1 off day.  I started Paleo almost two months back.  I am not fully on organic/grass fed meats as I can’t financially make that commitment but I am sticking very closely to this high level guide:

No, I am not 100% avoiding margaritas…but I am almost 100% avoiding things like pasta, rice, potatoes, sugars, dairy.

I have developed an addiction to things like almond milk, turkey bacon, kale chips, 90% dark chocolate.  It is amazing how good it makes you feel.  I find even just a day or two ‘off’ and eating things with gluten or grains make me feel terribly ill now.  Almost as if my body has to rid itself of toxins.  Just this past weekend, my sister asked me if my stomach was smaller?  She said that I looked like I had lost weight there (and trust me, as a 5’2″ female who does enjoy food/drink…that has always been my problem area).  I can say with conviction that Paleo and CrossFit are what is getting me there.  No six pack abs yet…..but there is hope 🙂  I was reading a few testimonials on a CrossFit blog today…and there were two that stuck out to me.  One was a man who was a recovering alcoholic and one was a mother of 3 children fighting to gain her fitness back.  I was truly touched by their testimonials of how CrossFit changed their life. It sounds crazy when you try to explain it to other people.  It is almost as if you can’t put it into words how it motivates you and develops your strength not only physically but mentally.  I find myself telling everyone about it!


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    • Definitely! I know the name of my blog sounds a bit different but it is basically the nickname of my dogs…Killian = Fluffy and Wyatt = Britches…so FluffyBritches ha! I hope to get some more posts about my CF progress and Paleo on here…and will start tracking my progress as it comes.

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