Rambling, Running Plans and Recipes


I am officially almost at capacity with my professional and personal loads.  Coming off this past weekend where I was a part of a team that launched a large and complex project at work and we still have months to go for future projects.  I keep thinking things are going to get easier, but honestly, there is still so much to do and I still have a lot to learn.

I realized today when I was driving home from work that marathon training starts again soon….just as I finally have almost grown my big toe nail back that I lost in last December’s marathon.  I am still battling a formal training plan.

Running Plans

Here is what I know for sure:

– I am not doing the Hal Higdon plan ever again.

– I am not running 6-7 days/week.

– I do not survive running in the middle of summer past 8:30am in Memphis….therefore, most long runs will commence at least by 5am from now – early Sept.

– Eating Paleo makes me feel better.

– I want to ride my bike at least 1-2x week (oh yeah, I have the MS150 in September??? or somewhere around there).

I am not sure yet how this plan is going to work out.  Since I don’t really have a plan.  I know when I usually follow Hal Higdon’s schedules…I end up over training and often not doing my cross training and ending up injured (I think going through that and having to cancel 2 marathons has finally taught me a lesson).

So…..just a couple of weeks to decide what to do.  I am thinking about sticking to CrossFit at least 3x week.  I really miss it when I don’t go and I am already seeing the results in my running/biking fitness since I have been doing it.  Not only in races, but even in easy rides/runs.  For example, the hills feel easier.  The pain doesn’t feel as prominent (unless you count the pain I got from doing 135# deadlifts last week).

I really need to start fundraising soon for the MS150…if anyone who reads my blog would be interested here is my link:

I also will be signing up to be a Hero for St. Jude this year for the Marathon.  I have never fundraised for two large events like this in one year.  Not sure I will ever be able to top how well the fundraising went for the ASPCA for my first marathon but I am going to try.

I am also starting online courses for my Project Management Professional certificate July 1….this all along with being a commission member for the city of Germantown Parks and Rec Commission.  Wow….that’s just me….I’m not even adding in that I become an Aunt later this year and I am super excited about that too 🙂

and….Recipes 🙂

On a lighter note,

I wanted to share some ideas I have had for snacks/food since sometimes I get questions about what I eat:

Tonight’s dinner, italian style sausages made w/chicken (bought in Target of all places) and kale chips:

Another idea I had for snacks at work or if you are running late and can’t make breakfast is some type of dried fruit (no sugar added), raw almonds and beef jerky….this photo was literally taken on a paper towel at my desk.  For those that don’t have time…just keep the bags of this stuff in your desk drawer…that makes it easy for you when you are time constrained or super busy at work and need a healthy bite to eat that fills you up.

Finally, one of my standbys that I love thanks to a friend who shared it on Facebook…Guacamole Chicken Salad, here is the recipe for this ridiculously addictive, filling and YUMMY stuff:

And finally a recipe that is NON Paleo and for the dogs 🙂 This weekend I finally made the home made doggy ice cream for the boys.

Basically mixed one large tub of organic plain yogurt and 1/4 small container of natural peanut butter with about 3/4 cup of water in mixing bowl and poured into dixie cups…Freeze in 2-4 hours.


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