I really surprised myself!

Things have been very hectic (as usual) and I have not had the time to write an update on the blog.  Work has been very busy, volunteering with the city of Germantown is very busy and I signed up for an online course to prepare me for the project management professional exam.  I realized just this past two weeks…that I have a marathon in about 3 months and also the MS150 the weekend of Sept 8/9.   I am behind with my usual planning…but maybe that is not a bad thing?

I decided for several reasons, that this year, I was not going to follow a traditional plan for training for the marathon.  My #1 reason, every time I do follow a traditional plan…I get hurt.  I end up having to spend way too much money going to PT appointments or even worse, wearing a boot.   Also, I really want to keep doing CrossFit and I don’t think I can run 5-6 days/wk and do CrossFit at least 3 days/wk…it is too much.  I also need to work in my biking.  There is just not enough time for it all along with building in some time for recovery.

Here is the plan I have been following for the past 2 weeks or so and will hope to continue with up through early December (note, some of my bike rides have been shorter due to time constraints).

  • CrossFit – 3 days/wk
  • Run – 2 days/wk (one medium distance run of 7-9 miles on Wed and the longer run on Saturday that will build up to a 20 mile run).
  • Bike – 1 day/wk (aiming for 50+ miles per ride at min of 16 mph).

So here is how the remainder of 2012 looks so far.  

  • I signed up for a last minute triathlon (yep, you will notice there is no swimming built into my schedule above ha).  It is the Annie Oakley Sprint Tri on Aug 11.  It is all women…and I am looking forward to having a fun time.
  • The MS 150 (bike 75 miles on a Sat and again on Sunday) the weekend of Sept 8/9.
  • I have the Marine Corps Marathon on Oct 28.
  • I am pacing the St. Jude Memphis Marathon in early December.

I really think that CrossFit along with crosstraining on the bike is encouraging me more with running performance.  It feels easier?  I don’t feel as fatigued.  I enjoy it more.

With CrossFit, in just the past month, I am at a 155# max on my deadlift and I can do a 4 rep max of 120# on my back squat.  I also have increased from the 26# kettlebell to the 44# kettlebell.  Finally, I am getting closer to an unassisted pullup!  I am so excited about this.  I started with the green band back in January and just this past week, I was able to use just one red band.   I am so happy with this progress.  Not to mention, poor old Killian has had to be lifted in the car quite a bit lately due to awful arthritis in his spine.  Picking up an 86# dog is feeling easier these days 🙂

As far as diet, I am still sticking about 80% paleo.  I had a bad week this past week as I had family in town and definitely celebrated with lots of food I don’t normally eat.  I refuse to be so terribly strict that I can’t enjoy my life, but the irony is I don’t feel as good when I eat processed foods, dairy or grains now.  Hoping to get fully back on the plan next week with lean meats, veggies and the whole nine yards.

This morning, I was able to run with two of the girls from my CrossFit class.  We had such a great time.  The weather was a touch cooler (maybe low 90’s)?  We have experienced well up to a heat index of 110 lately.  We got in a 9 mile run in under a 10min/mile pace.   I can’t believe it felt so easy today?  I kept feeling like I wished this morning was a race day or at least a day for a 15 mile or greater run?  It just felt so perfect (not just the weather, but hydration, fatigue levels…all of it).  One of the girls that ran with us, Andrea, it was her first time out with us running on a Saturday morning. She told me normally she runs about 3-5 miles on Sundays and she wanted to join us to try out something different.  She ended up getting in at least 6 miles of running and 1 mile of walking today if not more.  At the end as we were all packing up, she told me “I really surprised myself”.  As I was driving home, I realized that is why I run.  I run because I can share my experiences with other people.  Those experiences might be a new path, a fun race, tips on how to hydrate, where to get a good pair of shoes, how to use bodyglide, where the bathrooms are when you have a long run…oh I could go on…but basically I don’t just run for myself, I run for others also.


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