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$__t just got real

I can’t believe a put a cryptic curse word in the title but it is exactly how I feel.  I always joke with people that even though I truly love to serve others, I will probably never be in a public office or role since I say what I think 🙂

For some reason, 2013 feels like the year that things are going to happen.  I am not sure if they are good things, bad things or what, but it feels like change is coming.  I don’t really believe in New Year’s resolutions but no matter how much we all deny it….most of the time, we are all looking at January 1st as a fresh start in some way shape or form.

It is hard not to look at what is going on around you and want to focus on the materialistic or superficial aspects of resolutions (losing weight, making money, saving money, dumping a relationship) whatever it is that you think will make YOU feel better.  Maybe this year feels different since I am turning 35 in June.  How did that happen so quickly, I am gradually approaching the hill that will start going towards 40.  I mean, I still feel like I am 25, I still wear some of the clothes I had in college!!!  I still get people asking me if I am in my 20’s…but in reality I am not and my goals have changed since my 20’s.

So, I am willing to put some of my goals for 2013 out there on the table….

My spiritual relationship.

One of the first messages at my church this year was about Living Well….and how that translates into Mind, Body and Spirit.  You can’t live well if you are doing just well with your body (working out, eating right).  I want to continue to work on my physical health but also the mind and spirit.  Let go of things in the past that may haunt me, develop my relationship with God and continue to peel the layers back of the onion that make me who I am as I define my purpose.  I am sure that sounds cheesey but a lot of these goals/thoughts starting creeping into my mind last year after my Aunt passed.  I have been thinking about this for at least a year since she was diagnosed with cancer.


So far, I have one I have signed up for in February (the MS River Marathon) and then I managed to get talked into signing up for another one….the Little Rock Marathon in March.  Crazy right???? This is how it went down…ran into my friend Beth who mentioned it (piqued my interest), next week the marathon opened up some more slots for people to sign up, I viewed the RIDICULOUS medal…huge.  Decided what the heck, I am going to do that as a fun run so I can get some maj-uh BLING.

Here is what the medal looks like (image is from

Arkansas Medal (source:

Arkansas Medal (source:

I really want to try for that PR at the MS River race in Feb…but we will see what happens.  I honestly would be very happy with a 4:10 but I am not sure if I am ready for that.

Mountain Biking (huh, WHAT????)

Been thinking about this for over a year.  Really since I did the first Trek Demo at Herbs in 2011.  I really enjoyed it.  I felt like it was something I could do with that childlike freedom that you know no better of what could happen if you crashed.  I have really enjoyed my road bike and really want to stretch myself.  Adam mountain bikes quite a bit and I have managed to get some exposure to the community through his friends and races he has accomplished.  The funny thing about Mountain Bikes…is it is way harder to shop for them as a short female than I anticipated.  Especially if you don’t want to spend $4000 and upwards on one.

It looks like I am leaning towards getting a Niner (29r bike).  Leaning towards this frame.  Sexy isn’t it???? Don’t anyone tell my Mom about this…she will FREAK OUT!

Niner EMD - source

Niner EMD – source

What really excites me about this bike is it is a bit of a project.  I plan to get the frame first and then build the bike (not build it myself ha) but either work with a local bike shop or see if Adam would like to help me.  The second phase of the project will be me learning to ride it…and clipping into this joker.  I plan to start off easy with riding it on places like the Greenline and into Shelby Farms and hopefully make it out to Herb Parsons this year and ride with Wyatt and Buck.  That is what I am really looking forward to.

My family

A continued priority for me.  I can’t believe my niece has already grown so much.  I am also going to include my sweet boy Killian in this.  He is doing so well since he started acupuncture this past two months.  I just can’t believe it.  Some days he doesn’t feel great (at his age that is common) but this past weekend he was able to walk down the street for about 1/4 mile.  He has made drastic improvements.  He is still on a regular dosage of some meds that help control some of his pain but we have been able to drop the strongest one (Metacam) back.  Unfortunately, this past week, my younger dog managed to get hooked by what seems to be the biggest bait/hook I have ever seen:

Wyatt's Paw at Emergency Vet

Luckily, the poor guy made it through fine (of course, I continue to just sigh at the luck we have of late but I do feel grateful and do pray for the strength to continue to manage some of the ups/downs of all the medical issues with my boys lately).  Last week, I literally was making vet appointments, emergency vet follow up appointments and acupuncture appointments all on the same day.  It is a bit overwhelming at times but I know I am given what I can handle so I just try to take a deep breath and keep balancing the budget 🙂

My career

Planning to earn my PMP certification this year.  So far, I have taken all of the prep courses through Villanova University.  I almost have all of my project hours documented in the PMI.ORG application and now I need to put the pedal to the medal and get ready to take that exam….soon.

CrossFit Goals

I want an unassisted pullup.  I am so close (using the super skinny band) but I just want ONE.  Preferably strict (not kipping).  I would also like to master double unders.  Finally got my new jump rope and I am getting there.

I guess that is it for 2013 goals…for now, most of you know I am quite fickle.


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