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Here Lies Love

I have so been meaning to sit down and just write. I have also been meaning to do lots of other things like spring cleaning, run more, spend less and tons of other stuff that I have not really got to as the year is nearly half over.

June 10th was my 35th birthday. Parts of me have no clue why this one snuck up on me so quickly. Honestly, 30 was not bad but 35 seems to be much harder. I think it is because I feel myself on the somewhat closer and faster path to 40. I feel like there are so many rules you have to start following when you hit 40 yet at the same time I feel frozen at 28 years old and have to look at my license to remind me that 7 years has passed since then.

For my birthday present to myself, I booked a trip to NYC to visit my friends Steve and Brian. One would probably wonder how this relates to my previous blog posts about exercise…but I met Steve during my first marathon! Here we are a couple of years later and we have remained friends through mostly the magic of Facebook and text message but initiated upon the marathon. How fun is that? We both ran as charity runners for Team ASPCA. So a common bond of our love for animals along with the marathon made us instant friends!

I have decided to focus most of this blog post on my trip to NYC. Two reasons mainly, I will probably forget the details as I age and I want to share some of the experiences I had so maybe others who read this may try them for themselves 🙂

Just general overview of how I planned my trip. I got the non-stop Delta flight from Memphis to La Guardia airport (LGA). This airport is smaller and pretty easy to get in/out of and close to my friend’s home (approximately a $19 cab ride and 15 minutes if traffic is not nuts). I flew up on Friday morning and got there close to lunch time. Steve met me with a cab and shared he had a surprise! We grabbed a quick lunch in his neighborhood and then took the train to the area of town where the Off Broadway show (surprise was) that Steve got last minute tickets for. It was at the Public Theater.
I did not know what to expect…here is what I do know…Music by David Byrne and Fatboy Slim, story line was about Imelda Marcos, I would be standing the entire time. You can imagine my mind was going wild with the unknown. I just kept thinking it would be about her shoe obsession.

Here Lies Love
We had tickets for the 5:00 show. The Public Theater is a modern setup. They have a kiosk in the center of the lobby for drinks/light snacks. You can imagine our surprise when the lady serving said no drinks available in the theater since you “move around the entire show”.

Playbill - Here Lies Love

Playbill – Here Lies Love

I was grateful I had a tiny clutch wallet with me vs. a huge bag to check.
The show opens up with you walking into what looks like a small night club. There is a huge disco ball on the ceiling and there are ushers but they are dressed in neon jumpsuits. There is a stage on either side of the room and then a modular stage in the center. Basically, during the entire show, the modular stage is reconfigured and you are moved as the scene changes (guided by the ushers). The music is very upbeat although the plot tells quite a sad story about the history of the People’s Revolution. I don’t want to ruin the show for anyone who has not seen it but I would highly recommend it if you get the chance. I can’t say that I have ever seen anything quite like it.

The next day we did a day trip to Williamsburg and the Brooklyn area.
I got to try out this huge food fest that had 100+ vendors of artisanal type foods. The festival is called Smorgasburg.



I tried an organic beef hot dog with veggie curry and kimchi apples. The hotdogs were very inexpensive and great quality. To polish off my meal I got a Goodwich icecream sandwich. It was two oatmeal cookies (giant size) with vanilla ice cream and fudge and sprinkled with sea salt. Literally took me 30 minutes to eat this divine dessert!

That evening we had tickets to see Pippin. My friend Steve had already seen the show but highly recommended seeing it and was willing to see it again. I was not sure what to expect going in (I knew it had won Tony awards) but as far as the history of the story, I was not aware.
The acrobatics (circus themed) were literally jaw dropping. The costumes were also very gritty yet glamorous and bright colors with a tinge of darkness made the set edgy and mysterious.
At the opening of this post I mentioned that battle for some reason I felt turning 35 and I will say that Pippin was very relevant to this time in my life. I left the show thinking very deeply about the questions Pippin has in his life and how we all are faced with making a difference and defining what that means to us. The show was actually quite dark in that regard but very thought provoking since the subject matter involved what felt similar to these quarter life crises we all seem to run into when we assess what we are doing and where we are going.

On Sunday and Monday, I got to go to two famous museums I have never been to – the MoMA and the MoMA PS1. MoMA is more famous for it’s huge collection especially of Picasso, Warhol, Matisse and the PS1 is super contemporary. Both of these museums were stimulating. Across from PS1 is a famous warehouse that is covered in street art and graffiti. It is called 5 pointz.



What is cool about this entire trip, is that I met Steve during my FIRST marathon for Team ASPCA down in Miami. When people talk about running and the friendships you develop..this is a great example of how that happens and you build friendships for life out of running.
On the agenda (which has been quite lazy for this year) is the Marine Corps Marathon in late October (crossing fingers I can get the finances together for this one) and then I am going to be a pacer again for the St. Jude Memphis Marathon in December. I am really excited to pace again. My experience last year was incredibly rewarding.
I have also signed up to be a coach for the first time for the Memphis Women Run/Walk program. I will be coaching the Intermediate 2 group along with several other coaches this summer. I look forward to updating my blog with some inspiration that I get from working with an amazing group of women.

Mountain Biking
I am now clipped in and have experienced a couple of trails here in the Memphis area (Wolf River trail system) and Herb Parsons Lake. I have fallen a few times 🙂 and being able to attack the levees is going to take some definite practice but I am getting there and LOVING it. I absolutely love my Niner EMD 9 and believe I will be enjoying it hopefully wreck free for many years.

My bday ride

My bday ride


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